My name is McDave Clenord, and I am an engineering student at the Medford Vocational Technical High School. Throughout my four years of High School I have been in the Robotics and Engineering shop, learning various things, and creating many projects. I have developed many skills such as programming, designing, soldering, and manufacturing various different things. Throughout my four years in the Robotics and Engineering shop, I have gained vast knowledge on in this field through trial and error. I enjoy making cool projects, in which I would have never imagined myself making. I also enjoy using my skills to design projects in CAD. This page showcases some of the work that I did throughout the years.






IMG-2377 (1)

This is my prototype concept for the neopixel ring glasses which I made out of acrylic. The colors for these glasses can be change through your phone, with Bluetooth connectivity. This was designed in CAD, and cut in the laser printer. These glasses were made to be a fun party piece, that you could use for your own entertainment.

IMG_2385[1]                   IMG_2387[1]

This is the circuit board I made for my speaker. On the circuit board you can see a amplifier, which is being used to output sound to speaker. a micro controller which is storing code and also power the speaker, and an equalizer which is being used to output the values of frequency.

(These parts were created in Eagle)


This a CAD design of the parts of my speaker, both front and side.

(These parts were made in inventor)


email – mclenord123@gmail.com

Name – McDave Clenord



I have dedicated three years of my life to football ever since freshman year. I strive for greatness and success by making sure that I am there everyday, giving my best effort and I feel like I can bring that same drive by showing up to work everyday single day. I am also a very diligent worker, and like to get things done as fast and efficient as possible.


Earls Kitchen + Bar,

Date started- July 28, 2018

Assembly Row Somerville, MA

  • Have been working there for about 5 months now
  • Clean, washing and organize dishes

Football Clinic


  • Provided help to kids by instructing and helping run a football clinic for a week.

Child Care


  • Provided care to several families during the weekends, and also during school vacations

Volunteer Experience

  • Football clinic camp counselor
  • Community cleaning
  • food drive


Medford Vocational Technical High School

I am currently a senior, hoping to further my education by becoming an engineer.

Interest/ Activities

  • Member of Medford High School Football Team
  • Member of Medford High School Track Team
  • Guitar and music
  • Engineering
  • Playing basketball


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